Republic of Manzaria

We are the Republic of Manzaria, a micronation next to Millburn, New Jersey, United States.  Our capital is Minitaria. We use the US Dollar as our legal tender and we currently have 11 citizens. Our official first language is English, and we also use Esperanto as a second language. We have 3 providences, Minitaria, Eggland, and Toleafoa. They span across. Our leaders are Rudra Sarkar as president and Daniel Egger as our vice president. The national animal of our country is the domestic cat, and we have 2 living in Manzaria as of right now. You can sign up to be a citizen here and vote. The Manzarian Elections happen every 6 months and can be  Manzaria was formed on January 11, 2023 as the Republic of Kitcat but then became the Republic of Manzaria to avoid confusion with the KitKat brand of chocolates.

The name "Manzaria" originates from the language Marathi. The word "Cat" in Marathi is Manzar, and Manzaria translates to "Cat land"

Pictures from inside Minitarian Room are currently taken down and will be replaced soon.

Manzarian Elections 

Every year on June 14, the Manzarian elections happen. You can start running for president on May 5, 2024 and you must be a Manzarian Citizen.